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    To produce demineralised or purified water, discover the advantages of the range :


      • Very high and constant level of performance (always new resins)
      • No electricity
      • discolouration
      • Compact size
      • Low cost price
  • Quality and environment

    Engaged in a way of continuous improvement and control of the risks, our company, whose quality system – certified ISO 9001 since 2002 – amplifies today this step by integrating there the respect of the environment and the concern of sustainable development.

    Obtained in October 2008, ISO 14001 certification guaranties the seriousness of our commitment.

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    We are able to adapt products to your use.

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  • u2_final

    U2 ion exchanger

    Ion exchanger (anions and cations) characterised by a high exchange capacity, the U2 column is intended for producing demineralised water.

  • R2_1

    R2 ion exchanger

    COLUMN FOR LABORATORY USE – Ion exchanger used to produce very pure demineralised water. The column is made up of mixed bed gel-resins for anionic and cationic deionisation.

  • toc_final

    TOC ion exchanger

    This ion exchanger is specially intended for the treatment of ultra pure water in the electronics industry

  • modem1000

    MODEM 1000

    A mobile station producing, at 25 ° F, 1000 liters of demineralised water (conductivity <20 μS / cm) at the place of use, with a flow rate of 60 liters / hour and a pressure up to 3 bar

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