• modem1000

    MODEM 1000

    A mobile station producing, at 25 ° F, 1000 liters of demineralised water (conductivity <20 μS / cm) at the place of use, with a flow rate of 60 liters / hour and a pressure up to 3 bar

  • modem1000

    MODEM 1000

    Station portable produisant, à 25°F, 1000 litres d’eau déminéralisée (conductivité < 20 µS/cm) sur le lieu de son utilisation, avec un débit de 60 litre/heure et une pression jusqu’à 3 bar.


    OPUR purified water station

    Portable station that allows to obtain purified water at the point of use, with a flow rate of 60 litres/hour and a pressure up to 4 bar.

  • mobi_kit_final


    Thanks to the MOBI.KIT, you will be able to make up your own assembly of 4 columns…

  • FLF

    FLF Filter

    Placed at the end of the assembly, the FLF filter is suitable for producing sterile water…

  • fixation_final


    SI Bracket : for the mounting of a column with the possibility to adapt other elements in series or in parallel.
    SU Bracket : for the mounting of additional columns.
    ST bracket : It connects to the threaded faucet using the KCR adapter