OPUR purified water station

  • Portable station that allows to obtain purified water at the point of use, with a flow rate of 60 litres/hour and a pressure up to 4 bar.

    It includes:

    • 1 Activated Carbon column, removing chlorine and organic substances.
    • 2 ion exchangers removing all unwanted ions, including CO ² and silica.
    • 1 TOC ion exchanger, guaranteeing a residual total organic carbon content of less than 5 ppb.
    • 1 FLF filter removing bacteria and particulates to 0.2µ.

    The unit comes assembled and ready to be connected to the valve with integrated pressure reducer.
    It works without electricity.

    The saturation level is visible on the middle columns, which gradually turn from BLUE to OCHRE.

  • OPUR


Spare columns kit: KEL