TOC ion exchanger

  • This Ion exchanger is specially intended for the treatment of ultra-pure water in the electronics industry, in the manufacturing of hard disks, monitors, CD-ROM, specialized semiconductors, integrated circuits, and for the production and the assembly of chips of silicon.

    TOC ion exchanger is also suitable for all cases where you have to producing high purity water at a reasonable cost

    TOC ion exchanger, consists of ultra-pure mixed bed resin, developed and manufactured specifically for the treatment of water after purification by reverse osmosis or ion exchange.

    • Flow rate: 30 litres / hour
    • Pressure: 3 bar at room temperature
    • Operating temperature 10-25 ° C.
    • Dimensions : H 500 mm, diameter 60 mm.
    • Gross weight : 1,35 kg
    • Storage: 2 years in its original packaging at room temperature
  • TOC_transparent

Recommended water quality to the filter input:
conductivity: < 2 µS
silica: < 5 ppb
Total Organic Carbon : <20 ppb