PURO.KIT portable pure water station

  • Portable station which makes it possible to obtain immediatly very pure water at the used place.
    Visible level of saturation. Quick connection to the tap

    The PURO.KIT consists of :
    • 3 R2 ion exchangers to eliminate all ions, including CO2 and silica.
    • 1 organic elimination unit composed of : 1 activated carbon ORC column, 1 TOC (combined resin), 1 FLF filter at 0.2 µm for a bacteria and particle free water.

    The kit is delivered assembled and ready to be connected to the faucet (threaded).
    The saturation level is visible on the R2 columns (the saturated resins become OCHRE). When the first R2 column has entirely changed color, remove it, discard it, and replace it with the second R2 column. Install a new column in place of the second R2 column.
    Change all the columns when the first R2 column is completely saturated (the second R2 column as yet not saturated may, however, be refused).


  • Conductivity : < 1 µS/cm (direct connection to the tap, direct outlet).
  • Flow rate : 30 liters/hour
  • Maximum pressure : 3 bar (at ambient temperature)
  • pH (at 20°F) : 5,5 à 7
  • TOC (Total Organic Carbon) : low TOC
  • Operating temperature : 25°C.
  • Saturation : level of saturation visible on the R2 ion exchanger
  • Dimensions : H x L x l = 63 x 17 x 17 cm
  • Gross weight : 6 kg

The renewal kit (réf. K.REN) consists of :
1 ORC, 3 R2, 1 TOC, 1 cleaning kit.