Micron ion exchanger M2

  • The ion exchanger M2 takes place between the R2 ion exchanger and the FLF filter. It insures a final water polishing.

    The big porosity of these resins allows removing 90% (at least) from 0.1 micron particles, including the colloidal silica. It removes by retention the weakly ionised organic compounds

    • Conductivity with one R2 upstream : 0,3 to 2 µS/cm.
    • Flow rate : 20 litres/hour
    • Pressure : 2,5 bar (at ambient temperature)
    • pH (at 20°C) : 5,5 à 7
    • Maximum temperature of use : 60°C.
    • Saturation : saturation of the MICRON column is not visible by discolouration. They should be replaced as soon as colloidal particles reappear – this can only be revealed by analisys.
      However, for averagely polluted water, this replacement will be done after the replacement of six R2 columns.
  • M2_800